Low temperature valves for -50°C

Product Overview - Low Temperature Valve

·         Valve Typ 501 G1/8" und 701 G1/4"

·         Temperature range -50°C to +50°C

.         Solenoid Valves available as EEx ia T6 version

·         Valve Types:

          Push-Pull and Lever Actuated Valves

          Pneumatically Actuated Valves

          Solenoid Valves (In-Line and manifold use - dual) 

          Base-mounted Valves 

          Valves with NAMUR-Interface and Flow Regulator with NAMUR-Interface

·         When operated below 0°C the pressure condensation point has

          to be at least 15°C bolow the temperature of environment and media.

·         Air has to be dried!

·         Below -40°C the leakage-rate of the valve can increase to 10 cm3/min.


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